Guru - Pandit Manilal Nag

Pandit Manilal Nag, a veteran sitar maestro from Calcutta and a contemporary of late Pandit Nikhil Banerjee is well known to the members and audience of Surdhwani as he won their hearts in 1990s.

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A Non-Profit organization started and run by Subrata Dey registered by Govt. of Delhi nurturing and developing young talent

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With numerous appreciations in from of publications in all forms of media, Subrata De has carved a niche for himself in the music industry.

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Subrata De


Subrata De is the most promising name in Sitar today. A sitarist from Bishnupur Gharana, Mr. De has not only earned his reputation as a performer, but as a cultural ambassador of India, propagating Indian culture in its purest form all over the world. He also works for cultural exchanges between India and foreign countries through concerts, lecture demonstrations and facilitating exchange programmes. He is also looked up to by young artists for getting suitable opportunities and mentoring to showcase their talents at appropriate stages.


Formal Training
Initiated in 1977 with training from Shri Amarjit Singh of Jamshedpur. Later under the tutelage of Surmani Bauri Bandhu Sethi of Bhubaneshwar, learnt the nuances of sitar. In 1987 became a disciple of the sitar maestro Pandit Manilal Nag of Kolkata belonging to the Bishnupur Gharana. Received special training in Dhrupad and Gayaki  style, Tankarin, Alapnang, Gatkari, the identifying features of Bishnupur Gharana. He is inspired by his father Shri. Bhut Nath De , an exponent vocalist cum music scholar of Indian classical music.

Associates and Visiting Faculty Position

  1. Vaishali Kala Kendra, Noida
  2. Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh
  3. INDIA SCHOOL at Washington DC, USA.
  4. Meru Foundation, BOSTON, USA.
  7. International Music Centre, STUTTGART, GERMANY
  9. Circular Arts, Baden Baden ,Germany
  10. Bharatiya Sangeet Akademy Sydney Australia.
  11.  New Surya Group, Helsinki Finland
  12. Koute Sa, Martinique France
  13. Casa De La India , Valladolid, Spain

Empanelment , Scholarships and professional achievements

  1. Performed Yuva Mohatsav 1985 & 86 in Jamshedpur for Yuva festival
  2. Performed regularly from AIR-Jamshedpur since 1989-94
  3. Recipient of the National Scholarship of Govt. of India, 1996.
  4. Graded artist of All India Radio Delhi since 1996.
  5. Selected participant for Yuva Mohatsav in 1998 for Delhi Govt
  6. On the panel of

Performances Abroad

Represented India in various Cultural Festivals in different countries (Sponsored by ICCR, Ministry of External Affairs and other organizations of Government of India.):


Latin America

Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, Guatemala, Venezuela,  Costa Rica, Cuba, Bogota,  



South Korea, Hong Kong.


Asia & Africa

Mauritius, Reunion, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Jamaica, Zambia.



Holland, Armenia, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Moscow, France, England.


North America     




Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy Estonia








Middle East:

Muscat , Bahrein Doha, Dubai


Asia, Europe, Australia                   

Bangkok, UK, Germany, Zurich, Geneva, Denmark, Dhaka,     China, Sydney, Singapore


Europe and Middle East

Finland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Dubai.


Europe, Asia                            

Spain, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore


Europe, Asia

Madrid, Martinique, France, Bangkok, Denmark, Germany  


Europe, Asia

Tajikistan, Spain, Belgium


Professional Experience (26 years) –

On Govt of India deputation through ICCR
Worked as a Sitar teacher cum Performer at Indian Cultural Centre Bangkok under Indian Embassy and ICCR since August 2009 to July 2011.

Associated as a Sitar Instructor with the following organizations.-

  1. YMCA Jamshedpur 1990 – 1994
  2. Geetigunja Jamshedpur 1990 – 1999
  3. Sangeet Bharti- 1991 – 1994
  4. Matri Kala Mandir, Aurobindo Ashram,Delhi-1996-1998
  5. Odissi Sangeet Sabha – 1995-2003
  6. Matri Kala Mandir (Mother’s International School) 1996 – 1999
  7. Sur Nupur Music academy Delhi, since 2000 – 2004
  8. G.D GOENKA WORLD SCHOOL – 2004 -2006
  9. JNT Delhi- 2008-2009
  10. Indian Cultural Centre, Bangkok 2009 – 2011.
  11. SWARANJALI – since 2000


Music Albums released-

Name of the CD/ Album

Company Name

  • Ganga, Journey Called Life

Saregama, HMV.2006

  • In Search      

Beethoven Records, Kolkata 1998

  • Music for Meditation          

Soqta Estudio, Lima, Peru 1997

  • Swaranjali    

Swaranjali, Delhi 1999



  • Water in fury           

Swaranjali, Delhi 2004

  • SARANG   

BIHAN MUSIC, Kolkata 2008

  • SHRUTI    

Swaranjali, Delhi.2009

  • Naad Bhramha                                                    

SWR Germany 2010 etc.

  • Reflections and Emotions                                     

Kolkata 2011

  • Unison of Madhyam Gandhar                              

Kolkata 2012

  • Ardhadasak Swar                                         from Mumbai, 2013

  • Eternal Soul                                                           

Swaranjali 2015 and Saawan


Special Achievements

Personal Details
Name                                                 Shri Subrata De
Father’s Name                                  Shri. Bhuth Nath De
Date of Birth                                                10.01.1970
Marital Status                                               Married
Jharkhand Address-                       1444, Geetigunja, Namotala,Parshudihi,Tatanagar
Jamshedpur- 831002,

Delhi NCR Address-                           A-2315, SF, Green Field Colony, Faridabad,
Haryana -121003, India

Cell        :                                             +91- 9910300319 / 9818300319
Email     :                                   


About Shri Subrata De
Personal Details:
Subrata De is the most promising name in Sitar today. A sitarist from Bishnupur Gharana, Mr. Dehas not only earned his reputation as a performer, but as a cultural ambassador of India, propagating Indian culture in its purest form all over the world. He also works for cultural exchanges between India and foreign countries through concerts, lecture demonstrations and facilitating exchange programmes. He is also looked up to by young artists for getting suitable opportunities and mentoring to showcase their talents at appropriate stages.

Subrata De, born in Jamshedpur (Jharkhand, India), was initiated into the art of playing Sitar at the tender age of seven under the guidance of Shri. Amarjeet Singh of Jamshedpur. Later, he trained under late SuramaniBauriBandhuSethi of Bhubaneswar where he imbibed the essential elements of sitar. Subsequently, after 10 years of practice, he placed himself in the hands of sitar maestro Pandit Manilal Nag of Bishnupur Gharana. Under a routine that demanded strict discipline and sincerity, he learnt the depths of Dhrupad and Gayeki style,Tankari, Alapang, Gatkari and other styles of Bishnupur Gharana.

Now, an accomplished sitar player Subrata De is involved in steering various institutions of Hindustani Classical music in the roles of educator and facilitator. He derives inspiration from his father, Shri. Bhutnath De, an exponent vocalist cum scholar of Indian classical music.

Subrata De has been awarded Sangeet Praveen by Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad and Sangeet Bhaskar by Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. Additionally, he has received the National Scholarship from the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India. He has also been selected on the panel of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR)as a musician and teacher. Further he has been associated with the All India Radio as a graded artist since 1990. He was selected by Sahitya Kala Parishad, New Delhi to perform in YuvaMahotsav’98. He also worked as a sitar teacher cum performer at ICC Bangkok for ICCR from 2009 to 2011. In addition, he has released numerous audio cassettes & CDs including Meditation de la India, from Peru, In Search (by Swaranjali), Water In fury (by Shruti), Five elements, Sarang(by Bihaan music), Ganga- journey called life (by HMV-SAREGAMA)and many more. His music is also available through online streaming on Saavn, Twaang, andHungama.

Subrata De is a sought after artist globally. He has given performances in various national and international festivals. He has travelled widely and performed in numerous cities spanning over 35 countries across the world including: Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Cuba, Brazil, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Costa  Rica, Paraguay, USA, Armenia, Austria, South Africa, Ireland, Russia, Réunion, Martinique, France, Holland, Germany, Turkey, Armenia, Denmark, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Spain and Tajikistan.

As a solo artist and accompanist, he has dedicated himself to create and extend an environment of Indian classical music in rural areas of India as well as abroad by collaborating with leading organizations and eminent dancers, both on a national and international level. More recently, he has been involved in multiple projects like “Flamenco India” with famous filmmaker Carlo Saura of Spain, a musical collaboration with Martinique Jazz musicians, World aquatics fusion group project and others. Moreover, he has also been associated with media & various cultural organizations as a Sitarist and is also cultural coordinator of ABSS Pune.

About Swaranjali:

Swaranjaliwas founded by Subrata De in India to promote not only Sitar, but all the genres of Hindustani Classical music in India and abroad.Registered under the Society Act, 1861 in December 2003,the organization is a platform forstudents and enthusiasts of Indian classical music aimed at providing them a platform to exchange knowledge about the various disciplines and styles and encourage collaborations. Swaranjali organizes concerts for studentsand budding artists several times a year to nurture talent by creating a performance space. 

To revive Indian classical music within the country, Swaranjali provides music appreciation and learning courses. Indian music has an unbroken musical tradition in the world. Indian music, also known as "Sangeet" consists of vocal music, instrumental music and dance. "Raag" and "Taal" define the present day Indian music streams of Hindustani Sangeet and Carnatic Sangeet. There are many musical instruments that are peculiar to India and many others without due recognition. Indian music is believed to be developed from the Vedas, through a complex interaction between people from diverse races and cultures. However, Indian youth are increasingly being driven away from Indian classical music due to the wave of western influence. In contrast, people outside India are becoming more receptive to classical music forms.

Additionally, it encourages a contemporary approach to performance and delivery rather than the traditional style of presentation to better connect with the changing diaspora of audience. To uphold India’s unbroken musical traditions, Swaranjali has organized many concerts including Samay Chakra,Sufiana EveningShraddhanjaliShaam-e-Mausiqui, SamagamSur-Sandhya,Sur-Taal2006, Swar Utsav, Ozone Prativa Manch and others. Every year, Swaranjali hosts the Gharana Festival, NRI Music and Dance Festival,Murchhana Festival, etc.  In association with OZONE Groups, Sahitya Kala Parishad,Sangeet Natak Academy, India Habitat Centre, ICCR, Zonal Cultural Centres,Lok Kala Manch, MNC etc., Swaranjali has organized several  concerts of Indian classical Music and Dance in various cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam, Bhopal etc.

Founder, Swaranjali,
Address- A 2315, SFB, Green Field Colony Faridabad, Haryana 121010, India
Emil- Tel # +91-9910300319 / 9818300319


Guruji Pandit Manilal Nag, a veteran sitar maestro from Calcutta and a contemporary of late Pandit Nikhil Banerjee is well known to the members and audience of Surdhwani as he won their hearts in 1990s. He belongs to the Vishnupur Gharana, Manilal Nag is the 4th generation of the Nag familty which belonged to Vishnupur Gharana. He learnt from his father Gokul Nag and and grand father Govinda Chandra Nag son of Bauridas Nag. Manilal Nag is a "TOP" Grade artiste of All India Radio and Doordarshan (TV). One of the most popular and sought after concert sitarists of India, he has been regularly performing in music conferences all over India and abroad. He has extensively traveled in countries like UK, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia and many others for participating in musical concerts and festivals.

Gharana - The Vishnupur Gharana meant essentially a Dhrupad Gharana, which originated in Vishnupur in the Bankura district of Bengal (now West Bengal) about 300 years ago and has its roots in the "Senia Gharana". Ustad Bahadur Khan, descendent of Miyan Tansen came to Vishnupur at the invitation of Malla King Raghunath Singh Bahadur of Vishnupur (also spelled as bishnupur). From that time onwards Vishnupur became a famous of learning both Dhrupad music in the vocal and instrumental forms. Vishnupur was essentially a centre for dhrupad culture. The founding and expansion of this gharana was an event of great significance in the development of music in Bengal as it helped in expanding the culture of dhrupad in Bengal. The dhrupad of the Vishnupur gharana uses shuddha dhaivata in raga vasanta, a touch of komal nisada in the descending notes of bhairava. It has abandoned kadi madhyam in ramakeli, and uses suddha dhaivata in puravi and komal nisad in vehaga. It has also developed its own character with regard to rhythm.

"Swaranjali": A Holistic Platform ...

He runs a non-profit institution registered by Govt. of Delhi, named "Swaranjali" started in 2000 with a mission to bring to the fundamentals of Indian vocal music to those who would benefit most from classical music training the young. Based in Delhi, India, it caters to the needs of students by providing a platform to the upcoming artists of India.

Swaranjali is proud to offer a holistic approach to the teaching of music to young people, with a unique process that includes guidance on public performance. Swaranjali offers music appreciation courses to the students in order to create discerning listeners and spread awareness of the subtleties of the art. Every year Swaranjali organizes Festivals as well as "Baithak" (evening of house concerts)  to promote the upcoming talents, young artists as well as renowned artists from all over India.

Media and Press - media presence




A-2315,SFB, Green Field Colony Faridabad, Haryana, 121003 India.

Tel no #  +91- 9910300319 / 9818300319,Email #


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